29 year old, Jeyda Beyzade believes in doing something that not only feeds the mind but also your soul. Jeyda’s created her own cosmetic line called BEYZADE Cosmetics in the year 2016. After always being asked what type of make-up she was wearing or how to apply or change their look, Jeyda decided to start her own cosmetic line. “I’m very picky about quality and using natural ingredients, that’s why I've started a line dedicated to natural health and beauty using high quality products and formulas! I've never taken a business classes nor have I been to any class educating me in my sales. I didn't want to go off of a sales person perspective, it's super important for me to base everything on my own passion and knowledge, I guess that’s where honesty comes in. I also wanted to use my last name because growing up I really admired my dad's love for his Turkish heritage. His father passed away before he was born, he was the only son of 4 other siblings so the Beyzade name meant even more, I was always searching for a way to carry it on. Beyzade means “Son of a prince” so I thought it was perfect for a luxury cosmetic line. I thought it would be neat to use my last name and dedicated it to the family!” said Jeyda.

Beyzade strives to not only stay one step ahead of the beauty industry by offering high quality cosmetics, but also by creating cosmetics that benefits every one and everything.

After learning the majority of cosmetic company’s in the United States use melted plastic in their formulas leading to DNA damage, skin cancers and other permanent skin damage Jeyda made BEYZĀDE Cosmetics with the friendly user in mind. Beyzade’s line was created without harmful chemicals; packing all products with nourishing oils and minerals, antioxidants that boost hydration and collagen, all while being clinically tested, allergy tested, non-irritating, cruelty free, and paraben free. Currently, Jeyda is expanding her line into skin care but has yet to announce a launch date. Jeyda also believes in creating less of a carbon footprint by making all of her packaging recyclable.